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CalABC California Automotive Business Coalition

Dear Colleagues:

The momentum to restore a forward-looking, effective Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum in California's K-12 public schools was greatly increased when the voters passed Proposition 1-D. That education bond measure authorized $500 million for the construction of and upgrades to CTE facilities in our public high schools.

There are some important requirements for school districts to qualify to receive these moneys. First, the district will have to match the grant dollar for dollar. Secondly, it must have an active industry advisory committee that participates in the design and support of the district's CTE programs.

This is where you come in.

If you already participate in a school district CTE advisory committee, please contact your auto shop teacher and discuss with him or her what the program's needs are, and how you can assist in getting the district to make an application for the grant money. Information on how to apply for these grants can be found on the California Department of Education web site,, or by clicking here.

If you do not participate in a local district advisory committee, I assure you they would welcome your involvement. Simply contact your local auto shop teacher and tell him or her that you would like to get involved. If he doesn?t know how you can do this, contact the school district and ask to be included.

I and other members of the California Automotive Business Coalition (CalABC) participated recently in Governor Schwarzenegger's summit meeting on CTE. I can assure you that he and the majority of the state legislature are eager to take this issue on. The Governor is acutely aware of the challenge to the future of the state's economy that an increasing deficit in skilled labor presents. It was his idea to offer the bond measure that passed last year.

Now it's up to us to do our part to ensure that enough trained technicians are prepared to step into the shoes of those retiring from the business and to meet the growing demand for quality repair and maintenance services.

Please let me know of your progress in getting your local school district to apply for CTE facilities grant funds, or if our CalABC CTE Task Force can assist you in any way.

Very truly yours,

Drew Carlson
California Automotive Teachers

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