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CalABC California Automotive Business CoalitionDear Members and Potential Members:

The Coalition continues to evolve and we strive to build relationships with other Automotive Industry Members throughout the state as we have since we formed in 1992.

New this year are tiered dues levels based on the size of your organization. This change will enable us to not only maintain support from our multi-unit partners, but to also open the doors for smaller business owners who have always wanted to participate but found the cost of entry prohibitive.

As someone who has had a relationship with CalABC, or has always wanted to, we hoped that we continue to demonstrate a value to you and the automotive community in general.

This past year has been a particularly busy year with many battle fronts including:

  • Clarification on requirements for ARD's who operate Mobile Repair Sites. This includes those that operate vans and similar vehicles that travel to homes and businesses to perform automotive repair onsite.


  • Telematics: Looking to gain access to information stored and transmitted from today's modern vehicles. Currently the manufactures have this data locked down and the industry does not have access to it. We believe it is the customers information and should be available to other service providers not just the dealer network.
  • Electronic Invoicing: Many of our members would like to use modern Point of Sale Systems which provide for electronic estimate write ups and final invoicing when complete. We previously met resistance from the Bureau of Automotive Repair who had always wanted a paper trail however, Chief Dorais has been very supportive and we are making great progress on this and a new regulation should be chaptered very soon.


This year a major issue facing industry is Senate Bill 8 from Senator Hertzberg that would propose to tax all labor, this will have a significant impact on consumers and our industry. This along with other areas are on our radar screen this year and we need your support to continue the work on your behalf.

We encourage you to visit our website at to see what we have done and continue to do on behalf of our members and the Automotive Repair Industry.

We appreciate your continued support and will provide updates on our progress through our website and emails as we move forward.

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Bud Rice
California Business Coalition - CalABC

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