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Our vision is to have a positive image in the market place with our consumers, industry and government and create an environment where all stakeholders benefit from our collective efforts.

Monthly Update ALERT! October 2018

President's Message
Date: October 1, 2018 
RE: CalABC President's message

September was an extremely successful month for CalABC both in the Legislature and with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. A major accomplishment came to fruition after Governor Brown signed AB 3141.
We have worked with Jack Molodanof and others for over seven years and this year we’re finally successful in leveling the playing field with passage of AB 3141 as it will now require all automotive businesses including, oil changers to be registered with the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

The requirements for initial estimates for “minor services” will no longer be required if you have sign boards with your prices listed. The signing of AB 3141 is the most significant bill CalABC has been involved in since we first fought over the right to repair and access to the OBD II systems.

We successfully opposed and received the Governor’s Veto on AB 2908 Tire Fee Bill that would have added another $1.00 to tire waste fees when they already have an estimated $80 million surplus. < MORE > 

Please contact Johan Gallo, our Executive Director if you want more information.  Let's build a stronger Coalition with a powerful voice in Sacramento.

Thank you, Nikki
Nikki Ayers
President CalABC
Owner Ayers Automotive
Santa Barbara California

Legislation and Regulation Updates
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AB 3141 the BAR Sunset bill was signed by Governor Brown. This bill is significant as it now gives BAR jurisdiction over these shops that were not registered and provides consumers with more protections than before. Another key component is that BAR will need to revise the regulations for estimates and invoicing, as the new requirements for “minor services” will no longer require an initial estimate and shops will be required to have sign boards posting their prices for these services. All the details for the revisions to the BAR Rules & Regulations and the Write it Right Guide are now being worked on feverishly by Chief Dorais and his staff as the update all the sections impacted by the passage of AB 3141. < MORE >
AB 3141 (Low) BAR Sunset Bill
The bill was signed by Governor Brown thanks to the hard work by CalABC, Jack Molodanof and Michael Flanigan who worked this bill. AB 3141 is the culmination of nearly a decade of work by CalABC and countless others to move a bill that would provide for more consumer protections that did not exist with non-registered repair shops.
The original 1970s Automotive Repair Act (ARA) §9880.1(e) exemption for preventative maintenance and minor services has been the subject of controversy in recent years. Consumers appreciate convenient, cost-effective maintenance-only service, but regulated repair facilities cannot offer the same streamlined approach due to the current ARA estimate requirements, that’s all changed with the passage of AB 3141.MORE >
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With the passage of AB 3141 you may need to register  your shop.  Please find the links below for Bureau of Automotive Repair ARD Applications, those Businesses that are LLC's and also for those Businesses that are Non-LLC's.

Proposition 65 New Signage Requirements
If you are having trouble finding a vendor to purchase your new required signs please click on the link below for a list of some possible vendors.

Click here for ATTACHMENT

The battle over AB 2908 - New Tire Disposal Fees; was hard fought.  If you want to see more on this just click on the Industry Opposition Letter and the Veto from the Governor.

News and Commentary
** Commentary are thoughts and views from the contributor and are not necessarily that of CalABC **
Feet on the Street - Commentary on Shop Life

Date: October 1st, 2018
RE: Time for a re-evaluation of your operation?

Business is changing – it always does. Cars are different, and how people own cars is changing too.

Cars are different because the technology used today has had a dramatic impact on the components and methods of systems being incorporated to vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Maintenance schedules recommended by the manufactures are being extended which means you may see your customer’s car fewer times per year. Of course, there have been heated debates over this with one side saying that by extending the required maintenance you can tout a lower cost of ownership. The other side of the argument is that manufacturers want to sell cars so by extending maintenance you are reducing the life of the vehicle requiring another purchase of another vehicle faster than would have otherwise been done.

The effect at the shop level is that with cars coming in less you need to either find new customers or provide more services than your shop has historically offered in the past. 
Talk to you next month!

In the meantime:  Keep Your Feet Moving - Do Good Work - Take Care of your Customers
Bud Rice
Side B Corporation DBA
Quality Tune Up Shops

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Please don't hesitate to call me or any of our board members for more information.  You can also find out more by visiting our website at:

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Johan Gallo
Executive Director, CalABC
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