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CalABC California Automotive Business Coalition    Our vision is to have a positive image in the market place with our consumers, industry and government that creates an environment where all stakeholders benefit from our collective efforts.

CalABC Other News & Closing Monthly Update ALERT!

August 2018 Other News & Closing:

Other News:

Board Member Change:

Jack Leick with Bridgestone Retail Operations has announced his retirement and will leave in September. Bridgestone has named Karen Muscato as his replacement and the Board has voted Muscato in effective immediately to replace Leick. We wish Jack all the best in retirement. Gallo has worked with Muscato while at Bridgestone when she was a paralegal in their Law Department and worked with her on various CA Cases and BAR issues in the past. Muscato was already aware of all the work CalABC does. Muscato is now the Manager of Customer Retention Department for Bridgestone and she works on key consumer complaints, store claims, is their liaison for governmental agencies and works with the BBB. Muscato will attend all future BAR Advisory Meetings and is the key contact for Bridgestone with BAR. We look forward to having Muscato on the Board.

In Closing:

We really need your help, as some of you have pledged your support to keep CalABC in operation by paying the “task” amount you were billed. We sincerely want to thank those who have already sent in their payment. However, we have not received all the payments for those who pledged to make the payment. These payments are critical, if CalABC is to remain viable through our next billing cycle in November – December for 2019. The pledges we received have taken us to only $12,209 and is even far short of the commitments that would have taken us half way to our goal of raising the $45,000. We need your help to make the contribution we’re requesting and carry CalABC for the balance of 2018.

We hope that you can appreciate how difficult this is, we still need everyone’s help in growing our membership. If you have vendor and business partners who would benefit from becoming a member of CalABC, please send their contact information to Johan Gallo, Executive Director at

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