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CalABC California Automotive Business Coalition

October 16, 2017

Who is CalABC

The California Automotive Business Coalition (CalABC) is an alliance of members from various corners of the automotive service industry, who represent organizations of all shapes and sizes. Together we work with other stakeholders including those representing consumers, vendors and government agencies to improve our industry and the customers we serve.

In addition, we are focused on building a better future through education by supporting career technical education and the certification of training institutes. This remains a focused component of CalABC which demonstrates our commitment to help train the technicians of tomorrow - today.

We have three primary objectives which are: regulations, legislation and automotive education programs and a fourth may follow dealing with the environment.

Regulations – We meet with the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) quarterly along with other agencies as needed to aid in the development of regulations that impact the automotive repair aftermarket.

Legislation – We work with our membership along with our lobbyist to develop, oppose and support various positions and work with the authors to ensure the final bill is designed so we can implement and live with the language once signed by the Governor.

Education – We work with the California Automotive Teachers to ensure Career Technical Education and Automotive Programs continue to be offered in the schools and produce qualified entry level technicians. In addition, we work on helping these schools attain a level of quality where they can meet the automotive technical education certification process.

Environmental – Various agencies are now focused on the automotive industry and have taken to “dumpster diving” by looking in your garbage and refuse areas to determine proper disposal of environmental waste. This has cost numerous businesses in the state millions of dollars in fines and fees. We want to ensure our members are compliant and up to date. (We’re considering adding this to our focus areas)

We have found that through the breath and scope of the Coalition and by uniting together behind a common set of objectives as well as working with all the stakeholders, it gives us a larger voice and presence in the State of California which in the end will benefit everyone.

Bud Rice

Bud Rice Johan M. Gallo
President Executive Director
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Johan Gallo

Johan M. Gallo
President Executive Director
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