Business Challenges

CalABC California Automotive Business Coalition

CalABC Business Goals

  • To unite the automotive industries in California for the good of the industry itself and the consumers it serves. 

  • To promote and safeguard California's automotive aftermarket repair industry by shaping sound public policy while establishing and maintaining a healthy, competent and competitive automotive repair industry. 

  • To create the financial wherewithal in order to properly lobby issues of importance that either negatively impact industry or may be important for the betterment of the industry as a whole.
  • To develop a sound grassroots coalition of both large corporations, small businesses and other associations and groups with an effective informational web page that will help educate industry participants on issues of importance.
  • To improve and promote an infrastructure to train potential automotive technicians and assure that the training adheres to acceptable standards agreed upon by the California Automotive Business Coalition, so that industry has a feeder system of new technicians.
  • Most importantly, to oversee proactive consumer protection policies to improve our public persona and promote our industry as a professional trade by promoting the excellent services we provide to consumers.

Meeting the Challenges of our Workforce and Job Training Needs

Maintaining California’s competitive edge will depend on the state’s ability to link education and the economy and fill the workforce needs of the jobs of the future. In order for the state to meet growing workforce shortages in a number of industries, the education system must provide sufficient secondary and postsecondary technical training programs in strategic sectors such as health care, green technology, information technology, manufacturing, and others. 

The State recognizes the value of skilled labor and through its numerous workforce development and job training programs, demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the skills of California’s workforce and expanding access to training and apprenticeship programs that increase opportunities and income for California workers. At the same time, the State aims to help meet businesses’ rapidly increasing workforce needs as well as to promote job creation.

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