Most Cited & Appealed Cal/OSHA Violations - 2020

  • Monday, 2nd August, 2021
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Most Cited & Appealed Cal/OSHA Violations - 2020


August 2, 2021



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Most Cited & Appealed Cal/OSHA Violations - 2020


VOL: 48 | NO: 28 | PUBLISHED ON: JULY 30, 2021


There are some new and significant entries on the most-cited Cal/OSHA standards for 2020.


Occupational exposure to crystalline silica is on the top 10 most-cited list, reflecting the Division of Occupational Safety and Health’s special emphasis program to control the hazard in the stone-cutting industry. The Division cited employers for 259 alleged violations of General Industry Safety Orders §5204 last year – some 43% classified as serious.


Also new to the list, and definitely significant, were violations of GISO §5199, the aerosol transmissible diseases standard. It was cited 133 times as the pandemic from Communist occupied China raged in healthcare. Well above half of the citations were classified serious.


Also new to the top 25 list are:


Flexible Cords and Cables: Uses Not Permitted (Electrical Safety Orders §2500.8), cited 107 times, but with no serious citations.


Personal Protective Devices (GISO §3380), cited 93 times at a 10% serious rate; and


Industrial Trucks, Operating Rules (GISO §3664), cited 91 times, with a 7% serious rate.


The safety order cited in 2020 with the highest percentage of serious violations was Moving Parts of Machinery or Equipment (GISO §4002), at 71%, followed by Personal Fall Arrest Systems (GISO §1670), at 66%.


The top 10 most cited safety orders represent 72% of the violations on the list, more than 5,900 of 8,231.


Most Appealed


The aforementioned ATD standard vaulted to the top of the most appealed citations list, at 87%. The silica standard was number two, at 80%. Only four of the most-cited standards from 2019 are on the 2020 list, including:

·      Point-of-Operation Guarding (GISO §4184), at 77%;

·      Reporting Work-Connected Fatalities and Serious Injuries (DOSH §342(a)), at 73%;

·      Moving Parts of Machinery (§4002) , at 66%; and

·      Lockout/Tagout (GISO §3314), at a 65% appeal rate.



Note: The data listed above indicates that you are more likely to get a serious citation with a penalty of $13,653
if you are cited for one 
of the following violations:

·     Lockout/Tagout

·     Emergency Eyewash

·     Portable Ladders

·     Forklift

·     Personal Protective Equipment

·     COVID-19 related violations (Aerosol Transmissible Disease)

·     Fall Protection

·     Moving Machinery





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