Governor Gavin Newsom provides an update on the state's response to #COVID19.

  • Friday, 17th April, 2020
  • 17:19pm

Governor Newsom’s Daily Briefing
3.1 Million applied for Unemployment and the number of claims since March 12th. After showing great employment rates over the last several years, that was lost in March.

The Pandemic Induced recession has hit CA. To date, 5.3% of the CA workforce is now unemployed.
We continue to show improvement with the simultaneous efforts to bend curve with the Shelter in Place and Social Distancing Order. We see the number of cases decline in some areas and increases in others. The focus is on economic growth and recovery. Sadly another 95 lives were lost yesterday, and we now have 985 who have lost their lives to date. Stay at home orders and Social Distancing are still in place and must remain in place to continue to flatten the curve.

Reframe what we’re doing in CA, with the next phase about recovery and opening the economy, reopening dates must be driven by data, health and science and not motivated by political agendas. It must be gradual and can’t be all at once.
What does it look like going forward to recover in CA is being worked on, but as CA goes, so goes the nation. Since the great past recession, CA created 15% jobs in CA 3.4 million new jobs that were created in CA after the recession.

Consequences of what CA does impact the nation. Best business leaders and social justice leaders are in CA. 80 have been asked to be part of the tasked force and Advisory Group. That Advisory Group will work through tangible short medium- and long-term recovery plans. Past Governors are engaged in figuring out and guiding the future of CA.

We must avoid repeating the errors of the past and focus on what we need to do now to recover.

Tom Steyer is the Chair of the Advisory, and Tom brings the skill sets required to lead the charge on this advisory. The focus must be on Health and Safety and need to be paramount, but economics, jobs and people taking care of their families is critical. We must make sure that resources are there for the starved communities, who have been hit the hardest. The starved communities should be front and center for recovery. We need to recover and those communities that have been impacted the hardest need help now. Ann O’Leary, Chief of Staff on the Governor’s staff is on the committee. Chief of People at Office at Square - Jackie Recess explained most small business only have 30 days of cash on hand. Today many of those businesses are down 80% from their average. Social Economic and Justice Warriors are all part of the Recovery Advisory and their focus will be on the Front line workers and also to provide economic stability for small businesses, especially in the minority communities, not-for-profit sectors that have been hardest hit.
A safe restart of the economy and business will be data, health, and safety-driven.

Bob Iger the Walt Disney Company – getting people back to work and offer guests a great experience. Smart about reopening the business and keep everyone safe. 80 people have been selected to work on the Advisory and come from the largest businesses, but he also has representatives, Ida Alverez from SBA, Janette Yelling former Fed Chair. And many more to help figure out how to recover, Future of work commission to work on recovery including four former Governors. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wilson, Davis, and Brown are all working on CA Recovery and part of the Advisory.

Progress reports will be coming on financial assistance programs in the weeks ahead.

The expectation for the strategy to toggle on the stay at home order and reopening the state isn’t happening yet. We aren’t out of the woods yet and it will take time. Recent increases at senior centers where 3,500 people in elder care centers have tested positive in the over 400 facilities. The seniors and at-risk populations who tested positive are at the highest.

We must maintain our social distancing, numbers are up slightly, but we aren’t ready with the increase in numbers. Continue to be smart, stay at home and practice social distancing. Wednesday the Governor will provide updates on the 6 strategies he outlined earlier this week.

More to come, but Shelter in Place & Social Distancing will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

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