Working for our members today, we comprised a listing of all the counties that are under the Health Order (or some variations of it) Here's the latest listing of all the counties. San Bernardino is slightly different as they have only issued an order to cancel all gatherings, while other counties are very detailed.

“Shelter-in-Place” orders and jurisdictions that have issued mandatory orders and non-mandatory directives.
• Northern California
o San Francisco
o Santa Clara County
o San Mateo County
o Marin County
o Contra Costa County
o Alameda County
o Santa Cruz County
o Sonoma County
o San Benito County
o Monterey County
o Sacramento County
o Yolo County

• Southern California
o Orange County - With an amendment
o San Bernardino County - Cancellation Order of
o Palm Springs - Mirrors San Francisco and 5 other
o Ventura County - Not the full Health Order

• Central California
o City of Fresno

Thursday, March 19, 2020

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