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Monthly Update ALERT! July 2019




President's Message


Date: July 2019

RE: CalABC President’s Message:



Good Day to our CalABC Members and Friends,


Why Community?


Every life form has a community whether it’s the beehive, the rain forest or the bowling league. We see community in sports, schools, and religions. We see community in business, politics and lifestyles. There are communities that are exclusive. There are communities that are inclusive. Communities come in all shapes and sizes.

What is it that holds a community together- Common goals? An Activity? An interdependence? A fashion? A crisis? Trust? Faith? Hope?  And why is community so ubiquitous? Why is it so apparently vital for survival at all levels?

Community by definition means:

1.    A group of people living together or sharing common interests; 

2.    Any group of mutually related organisms. The derivation, which is the same for the word communication, comes from Latin: communis- common, public <com -together + munia- duties.


Community is the choice each life form makes upon the decision to survive for (and with) more than just one’s self. Community is the decision to consider and support the well-being of others, so the Community is then strengthened by the equal exchange amongst its members. Community is built on the respect of the individual to have free will and participate based on a self-determined choice.

But why are communities needed? Entertainment, philosophers, and motorcycle companies have shown the strong individual, the James Dean personality, the Easy Rider as a preferred lifestyle. Community, clan, tribe, gang, team, club, and village all exist for the exchange of communication and care, and truly are co-created by each member. Community is the acceptance, understanding and hopefully respect of the individual members views and goals. It takes community to build a successful business, it takes a community to turn an idea into reality. It takes a community to protect one another from predators.  Every participant in each community- from the worker bees to the corporate leaders are valuable.


So, where does CalABC fit in the community?  I have been struggling with that question these past few months as we have been working very hard to attract new members and increase our dues base.  I find that CalABC isn’t the “cool” group but is more like the thinkers and doers.  We don’t go on golf outings or have fancy events; all our time and resources are put into making sure our members are getting what they are paying for and that is to have a level playing field and to be heard in Sacramento.  I think CalABC has done a dam good job at doing that for the past 30 years. 


Last month, I wrote about the BAR putting QR codes on the station Automotive Repair Dealer (ARD) license. Folks that is dangerous stuff!  There is no law that allows for that and there is no regulation in place that gives government the right to just go ahead and give out information from a website when there has been no due process to the shop.  Where is ALL of this going and WHY ISN’T EVERY SHOP IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA ENRAGED OVER THIS!!!  I almost don’t care about protecting the consumer from adding another $1.75 a tire in new taxes if they can file a complaint from their phone right in the shop over some petty issue without ever trying to resolve the issue in the first place!


Another big issue no one is talking about is that most other states are phasing out smog programs.  Not California!  With new rules changes in Smog Check we are going to be buying/leasing new smog testing equipment again.  Pretty soon who knows we might have to use a bio-scanner identifying the person doing the actual smog, to catch ALL the bad guys in the smog program.  A program that is shrinking annually!  Why not do the right thing and put in a real safety inspection program like they do in most states and eliminate the accidents unsafe vehicles cause?


So, I want to get back to community. 


Where does CalABC fit in your community?  I need to know.  I need to know if CalABC has your support to move forward and fight some of this insanity or do you want to spend your money on groups that have parties and golf outings?  We need worker bees and money to move forward.  Please contact

Johan Gallo, our Executive Director to find out how you can be a part of our community.  Our table is not only set, but we have room for more.


Please be prosperous and join us at the table!


Nikki Ayers

CalABC President









The Governor just signed a $215 Billion budget, the largest in the state history, which includes free community college tuition for two years.  The legislature summer recess begins July 12 and the reconvenes on August 12. We expect a lot activity (gut and amends) when they return from recess. Please keep in mind this time of year is what I commonly refer to as “Silly Season”, because they leave for summer recess and countless bills we know and worked often come back gutted and amended. And therefore, don’t reflect anything before the recess. We’re mindful of this and will be watching the bills closely during and after recess.


Legislative Update


1. Grading System for Auto Repair Industry.   Concerns.  The Bay Area NBC news station is pursuing another story regarding a consumer who suffered damages by a shop for an improperly repaired vehicle.  They have aired a couple of negative stories about the industry and BAR in the past couple of years.  Based on the reporting there continues to be talks of introducing legislation that would create a grading system for auto repair shops similar to restaurants.  Legislation has not been introduced so far but we will continue to monitor. 


2. Unsafe Used Tires.  Support.  AB 949 would prohibit an automotive repair dealer from installing a used unsafe tire as specified. The bill would not apply to a tire mounted on a wheel that is temporarily removed from the vehicle and reinstalled on the same vehicle.  The bill specifies that visual inspection shall be used to determine whether a tire is unsafe and tire repair is exempt provided it is repaired according to industry standards. Status: Senate Appropriations.


3. Sales Tax on Labor.  Oppose. SB 522 intends to make major tax reforms including expanding the sales tax to all services, including automotive repair labor.  The Governor has indicated that sales tax on services is something the state should consider.  Status: Senate Rules Committee.


4. Private Post-Secondary Education.  AB 1343 & AB 1345. Concerns. These bills are part of of bill package targeting bad actors in the Private Post-Secondary Education.  These bills need to be amended to address concerns, otherwise they will negatively impact good performing schools including Universal Technical Institute (UTI).  Status: Senate. AB 1343 is a two-year bill and AB 1345 is moving forward.


5. Tire Tax.  Oppose.  AB 755 would have established a new tax of $1.50 per tire, on top of the current $1.75 tax already charged for a total of $3.25.  The additional revenue would go to storm-water projects that remediate zinc pollutants.  Status: Died on Assembly Floor.


6. Career Technical Education (CTE) Funding. Support. As originally introduced, AB 1303 would have increased ongoing annual funding to $450 million a year from the current $150 million for the CTE Incentive Grant Program.   During the state budget process, the legislature was not able to provide additional funding for career technical education.  The author, assembly member O'Donnell decided not to move forward this year.  The bill was amended for another purpose. We expect another career funding bill to be introduced next year.


7. Battery Fees.  AB 142.  Concerns. Current law requires both consumers and manufacturers to pay a $1.00 for each new battery sold until April 2022, at which point the consumer fee would increase to $2.00 and the manufacturer fee would go away.  This bill would instead require the manufacturer to pay $2.00 starting from April 2022, in addition to the current $2.00 fee from consumer, for a total of $4.00. Status: Senate.


8. Independent Contractors. AB 5. Oppose.  This bill would provide the factors of the "ABC" test, as specified, to be applied to determine the status of workers as an employee or independent contractor.  The bill is expected to be amended to provide an exemption between businesses. Status: Senate.


9. Electronic Receipts-Paper Waste.  AB 161. Concerns.  Beginning Jan 2022, prohibits businesses from providing paper receipts to consumers except upon request. The bill exempts Invoices. Status: Senate.


10. Minimum Franchise Tax.  SB 349. Support.  This bill would reduce the minimum franchise tax, as provided, based on the gross receipts of a corporation. The bill is sponsored by the California Small Business Association. Status: Assembly.


11. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). AB 874. Expands the "publicly available" information that is exempted from the definition of "personal information" in the CCPA and clarifies drafting errors.  The bill is supported by the Calif Business Chamber of Commerce. Status: Senate.


12. Smog Check Exemption.  AB 210.  Expands the existing smog check exemption from pre-1976 model vehicles to pre-1983 model year vehicles. Status: Assembly Transportation. Not heard. Two-year bill.


13. Illegal Tire Dumping.  AB 215.  Support. This bill increases the penalties for illegal dumping of waste, including tires, on private property. Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee. Two-year bill.

Friday, July 12, 2019

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