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Where have all the technicians gone?


I can’t’ tell you how often I hear these “exact” words from industry folks.  It seems finding capable people to hire has become a case suitable for long time TV series Detective Columbo. 


Where is everyone? Where did they go? Are they ever coming back?


Great questions and there have been some government types who have tried to address this with Career Technical Education programs.  Unfortunately, there are others pushing just as hard to put a nail in these types of programs.


As an example, the ONLY REMAINING large Private Automotive Technical Training Institute is under fire by two misplaced bills working their way through the California Legislature – AB 1343 and AB 1345.  These bills were introduced to tighten up the controls these private schools operate under.  The problem is the schools that in the past had been a problem which prompted these two bills are long gone and now the only correctly operating school is being persecuted for actions and activities they never did! These two bills would place such a high burden on them that it would be impossible for them to continue to operate.


If that happens, we could lose the main supplier of trained technicians in the marketplace.


Some people believe that the public school system is enough to supply the needed technicians, but nothing could be further from the truth.


Why? Because back in the day there were High School Auto Shops that in many cases worked as a feeder system to the community colleges where Automotive Technology Courses were offered, and a student could leave with an AA degree. However today there are hardly any High School Auto Shops still operating primarily because new requirements have been adopted over time where an Auto Shop teacher had to have a full teaching credential so they could also teach other classes at the High School as needed. This made finding suitable Auto Shop teachers practically impossible since most teachers came from industry and not from the educational system. What this has done is severely impacted the community college student enrollment because the High School feeder system has been dramatically reduced.


Therefore, the need for the Private Automotive Technical Training Institutes is higher than ever and why the industry and everyone interested in producing trained technicians should make sure their voice is heard.


So, we encourage anyone interested in adding their voice to this issue do so with your local representatives.  CalABC is in the process of developing a letter of support for the private training schools in addition to a letter of opposition to AB 1343 and AB 1345. We will keep you updated on this important topic moving forward.


Talk to you next month!


In the meantime: Keep your Feet Moving - Do Good Work - Take Care of your Customers.




Bud Rice


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