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Feet on the Street - Commentary on Shop Life

Who speaks for me? 


When it gets right down to it and the rubber meets the road and you need to add your voice to a topic or issue regarding your business, you might look around and wonder if you are all alone?


Nothing is more important in communicating your concerns than making sure your thoughts are included in the discussion and you’re heard.


Most people know when they have something they want to say, and they

want to get it out there, but then they find they just don’t know how to say it and who to say it to! Not to mention knowing who the decision makers are to affect change. 


Industry groups and associations can go a long way in both, advising you on who the decision makers are, and adding your voice to a message or concern that others may also have that gives strength to your cause and message.


That’s what makes The California Automotive Repair Coalition (CalABC) different, we constantly poll our members to help shape our message on important topics and issues. We then go to those who can help us resolve, change or even help to create an environment where effective change can occur.


Case in point, addressing their position on system flushes, unlicensed automotive repair on Craig’s list and the list goes on.


This is markedly different than standing on the street corner and screaming our discontent and expecting meaningful change to occur.


Throughout the years, and on a myriad of topics we have been incredibly effective in not only communication our point of view, but also facilitation an atmosphere of cooperation where things can did get done.


If you are already a member of CalABC you already know this, and I am sure that you have either taken advantage of or benefited from this shared voice approach. Not to mention speaking through CalABC, you retain a certain level of anonymity that you can’t do alone.


However, if you haven’t made the decision to join yet, I would encourage you to join and become part of the team focused on important issues. 


  • Join and help shape action focused on those things that are important to you.


  • Join and rub shoulders with other industry members like you who value your place in the eco-system that makes the economy work.


  • Join and feel a sense of accomplishment when you see the fruits of your efforts change the lives of you and others in a positive way. 


  • Join today and make sure your voice gets heard! 


Talk to you next month!


In the meantime: Keep your Feet Moving - Do Good Work - Take Care of your Customers.




Bud Rice


Side B Corporation dba

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