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Monthly Update ALERT! April 2019




President's Message


Date: April 2019

RE: CalABC President’s Message:


“The journey to understanding begins with a leap of faith.” ― Dannika Dark, Blackout

Good Day to All CalABC Member and Friends,


As I think back thirty years ago to when CalABC was just a fanciful blueprint, John Goodman, then Executive Director of the Automotive Service Assn. (ASCCA) and the other state executive directors were trying to find a pathway to bring our industry together.  There was a need to bring a single voice to Sacramento and so The Automotive Repair Coalition known as (ARC)was formed.  Johan Gallo was part of the original steering committee that created ARC was elected the be their third President and when ARC changed its name to The California Automotive Business Coalition (CalABC) he served 3 terms as president.


However today we continue to struggle to find a single voice for our industry.  This is mainly because we have had challenges in trying to unite a very fragmented industry. While the industry’s message isn’t fractured, it is certainly splintered and continues to make us an easy target for those wishing to do us harm. 


Companies, especially high-profile companies believe they can manage on their own without belonging to an association like CalABC, because they have a “paid staff” that deals with BAR and other regulatory agencies. That may be pound foolish, as collectively CalABC can take on controversial issues without drawing attention to a specific company, which happen when they try and go it alone. Some companies don’t understand that sometimes it is the intrinsic value you receive from being a member of an organization like CalABC, who has the history of working within the system for decades and knowledge of the long history of issues when they crop up.  Sometimes, you need a buffer and an outsider can bring clarity to the issue and even find closure, where someone so involved can’t. < MORE >


Be Prosperous!







Legislative Update!

Legislative Bills


1. Sales Tax on Labor.  Oppose. SB 522 intends to make major tax reforms including expanding the sales tax to all services, including automotive repair labor.  Extending the sales tax to services will increase costs to businesses and increase automotive repair costs for consumers.


2. Tax on Tires.  Oppose. AB 755 would establish a new tax of $1.50 per tire, on top of the current $1.75 tax already charged, for a total of $3.25.  The additional revenue would go to storm-water projects that remediate zinc pollutants.  This tire tax is a "regressive tax" that falls hardest on low-income and working families.  Zinc is contained in countless consumer products and any new fees/taxes should be shared fairly among all products that contribute zinc pollutants to storm water runoff.


3. Career Technical Education (CTE) Funding. Support. AB 1303 increases ongoing annual funding to $450 million a year from the current $150 million for the CTE Incentive Grant Program with a 1:1 local match.


4. Unsafe Used Tires.  Seeking Amendments.  AB 949 would prohibit an automotive repair dealer from installing a used unsafe tire, as specified. The bill would not apply to a tire mounted on a wheel that is temporarily removed from the vehicle and reinstalled on the same vehicle.  We are seeking amendments to clarify that ARD's shall use a visual inspection to determine whether a tire is unsafe and that tire repair is exempt provided it is repaired according to industry standards.< MORE >






Regulation Update!

BAR – How did we get here?


First a funny side story:


It’s June of 1972 and I’ve made it from my entry level maintenance technician position starting in February into the sales and management team at Firestone. This being my first month in sales, I was contending with HS graduation, excited about Grad Night, learning this new position and trying to balance it all. Then I get told that the morning after Grad Night, I will have to go to Los Angeles for my manager who had to run the store since I was in training, as this was a very important meeting. Got home at 6 am from Grad Night, took a shower put on my suit and headed to LA. The meeting starts and the tone is very serious. Our Regional Manager takes the podium and opened it with: Today we’re here to discuss a New Government Agency that will significantly change automotive repair in California. This New agency is the Bureau of Automotive Repair! I will spare you the content of the meeting, but it scared the crap out of even the veterans in the room, much less this 19-year-old rookie. So, the die was cast and I guess I was destined to work with BAR my entire career and beyond.


Now back to “How did we get here?”


In the late 60s and early 70s Sacramento legislators heard countless stories about the unscrupulous scare tactics of used at gas stations and auto repair shops throughout the state and non-were more frightening than the stories from consumers who broke down on the “Baker Grade” heading to Las Vegas.  The scare tactics included bad tires, belts, hoses, shocks and the list go on forever. Many of these repairs weren’t even necessary. In some it was alleged that cases belts and hoses were being cut by the station attendants to sell the repairs. < MORE >





This month in our Spotlight we are focusing on two topics of interest:

  1. AB 755 Coalition Oppose Letter (Increase to Tire Fees)
  2. AB 1303 CTE Funding Bill and Letter of Support

Please take a few minutes to look over these two important items.  With the Tire Fee, there is a desire to increase the amount collected for tire waste even though the current tire fee will pay for all of the direct cost surrounding tire waste. 


The Career Technical Education Funding Bill lays out the case for enabling interested students to pursue the necessary training to enter the job market.




Tuesday, April 2, 2019

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