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Feet on the Street - Commentary on Shop Life


It’s not just what you say, but how you say it.


Working with others always comes with the possibility of being misunderstood.  You say something and it is taken wrong, is not accepted well or in some cases makes things worse.


During my time of making “every single possible mistake”; and I have some battle scars to prove it, I may have some thoughts and tips that may be of some value to you.


I am sure you have heard the phrase – you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. I also like the quote from Mark Twain - “It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”.


Good advice but what if you’re the one who is supposed to speak and lead the discussion.  Whether it is in a group or a one on one session, “how you say – what you say, is just as important as what you say”.


A rule of thought I have learned over time is that Steven Covey’s quote “begin with the end in mind”.  In this application; how do you want your message to be taken?  Is it a sales presentation and you are looking for a sale?  Is it a training session and you need the attendees to learn a new skill? Is it handling a customer complaint issue? Is it working with those in authority and you are trying to get your point across?


Although all of these are very different, they also have things in common.  Primarily it is people talking to people so never forget the interpersonal aspects of all the different communications you are involved with.


In most cases people forget a steady stream of words coming at them without any context.  I know you have been in those meetings where the presenter is droning on about this and that, and you are struggling trying to pull out those nuggets if there are any as most of the info is going in one ear and out the other.


To get a better outcome – make it relevant to the listener.  How?  Tell stories – and intertwine your information and package it in an interesting story-based way. It really doesn’t matter the kind of story you tell, just blend your info into it and you can in many instances make your point in a more interesting and compelling way.


Here is an example.  Let’s say you want to talk to your work-mates about how to take better care of our customers.  You may have had a similar issue when you were out at a restaurant a few weeks ago and the exchange that happened either couldn’t have been worse or perhaps couldn’t have been better.  Take that story and blend in a current problem into the mix in demonstrating how to get to the core of the issue with a customer and how to work together; you and the customer to get it resolved. Also, it has been proven that if you jump in and handle a problem quickly, efficiently and to the customers satisfaction you may even get a better relationship with your customer.


By blending in the story, you get to add context to the training session, and believe me they will go away remembering the story, not the new policy you were trying to put in place.  When they see that issue pop up in the future, they will say to themselves “Oh – there is that restaurant story right in front of me in real life”.


Ok now if you are still with me; let’s take it up a notch. < MORE >


Talk to you next month!


In the meantime: Keep your Feet Moving - Do Good Work - Take Care of your Customers.




Bud Rice


Side B Corporation dba

Quality Tune Up Shops



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