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Feet on the Street - Commentary on Shop Life

Date: March 2019
RE: You go - we go!
You go – we go!

That line is famously associated with Fire Fighters who pledge to each other that if you run into a burning building, we all will run into it with you. You are not alone. Where you go, we go. Those wearing the respected blue uniforms of the Police also adhere to that code as does those that serve in our most precious form of duty; the Military.

The reason I bring up this majestic phrase is that when it comes to our own chosen line of work the phrase applies to us too. Granted the stakes are not nearly as high, but in many ways where one of us goes so do we all.

Here is an example – the smog check program comes along, and a group of shops figure out that; “Yes I can provide that service and take care of my customers”. Then another big block of shops will see that and agree that adding that service would be a good fit for them, and we are off to the races. Why? Because we have a habit of looking at things the same way.

Some of our friends back in the day decided they would like to try to concentrate on delivering an oil change service in a fast and convenient way. Previously shops performed that service, but it was really meant as an easy way for customers having other work done, to have that service performed at the same time. In other words, they offered it, but didn’t really focus on it.

Well to these new service providers they decided to completely focus on that service and so they opened and started going.

It didn’t take long for customers to notice who thought to themselves, “Wow – I can just head down to the corner without an appointment, get my oil changed and be back on the road to do my other chores for the day – fantastic”!

At first blush other shops didn’t mind much as they really didn’t care about that as a core offering anyway – however – what they did notice is that visits to their shop by their customers began to decline. When that happened all the other service opportunities that they did care about began to decline too. Even though the Oil Change specialists didn’t do the extra work, the full-service shop would have a chance to discuss other work with their customers while they were there for their oil change. 

No oil change – no chance to talk.

I really took notice of this when the New Car Dealers began offering a “Quick-Stop” oil change lane in an attempt to win these customers back.

Today the entire industry has moved to trying to provide customers with more choices and more convenience and believe me customers have noticed.

I have another friend who runs a gasoline station and has done so for decades. He would say “have you noticed when you get to a busy street corner, and there are gas stations on each corner, the price at all of the stations are very close to the same price?” He would say that he had customers that came to him for years and years, only to see them across the street at a competitor’s station because there was a price differential of 2cents!

In the end customers always choose who they want to do business with and sometimes it’s you sometimes it’s not, but the best you can do is to keep doing good work, reasonably priced done in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment.

Raise the level of professionalism and all in our industry will be better off. You go - we go!
Talk to you next month!  In the meantime:  Keep Your Feet Moving - Do Good Work - Take Care of your Customers
Bud Rice
Side B Corporation DBA
Quality Tune Up Shops

New Lunch and Learn April 17th !
We wanted to let our members and guests to know who our next keynote speaker is for CalABC’s April 17th Lunch & Learn at the UTI Campus in Sacramento. 

Dominic Forrest will be the Keynote speaker along with a member from Cal OSHA and the Department of Labor. They will be covering what LETF Does and why it exists, specifically going after the underground economy in California. You can find out more about them at: https://www.dir.ca.gov/LETF/LETF.html

As we noted in some earlier communications, while LETF is primarily focused on the businesses that operate underground, we know some regular businesses have been swept into their joint operations lately. We’re trying to gather more information about what led to that, as it can be a disgruntled employee, consumer or competitor. 
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This quarter's Lunch and Learn is sponsored by our friends at Auto Advisory Services - KPA.
Our session is hosted by Universal Technical Institute. Campus President Tess Carey Dubois is offering a campus tour at 11:00am prior to the Lunch and Learn.
If you would like to attend be sure to contact our Executive Director 
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