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Our vision is to have a positive image in the market place with our consumers, industry and government and create an environment where all stakeholders benefit from our collective efforts.

Monthly Update ALERT! January 2019

President's Message
Date: January 7, 2019 
RE: CalABC President's message
“If you aren’t at the table, then you are on the menu!”
Jerome Horton, Member State Board of Equalization
Hello and Good Day to All CalABC Members and Friends,
Take a look at the title of this month’s President’s Message and ponder – “How much truer can that be?” If we aren’t ALL at the table backing each other with the same message to these governing agencies, then we are going to be on the dinner menu. Easily picked apart like a Chinese menu, one from column A and one from column B, etc. Then when it comes to the dessert – well watch out! The automotive industry with all of its frayed divisions and different factions will become easy pickings!

So, what do you say that we get serious about uniting and becoming once voice folks? It was a little over 27 years ago when CalABC was formed with the express purpose to be 
THE VOICE of the automotive aftermarket. 

Remarkably, it actually worked for many years and then the turf wars began, and everybody thought they had a better way to bring their voices forward individually. This division has shown the bureaucracy how divided the automotive repair industry is and how easy it is to manipulate us in the legislative and regulatory arena. Remember, to win the battle, you’re more successful when you can divide your opponent, then you can conquer them. 

As I think about a few years back, BAR was working on the brake regulations and what problems we could have ended up with if it had become a regulation. I am grateful that the leadership of CalABC was able to step in and say, NO WAY after many workshops, and worked with the California New Car Dealers to collectively tell BAR we didn’t need more regulations, we just needed to enforce what was already on the books. Without that collective effort, we would have ended up with another terrible regulation like the “break down” and “air conditioning” regulations that are so stringent, that almost everyone misinterprets them one time or another when working on a customer’s final paperwork.  < MORE >


May 2019 be the year we find our single voice again and recapture the momentum we had in 1992!

Be prosperous,

Thank you, Nikki
Nikki Ayers
President CalABC
Owner Ayers Automotive
Santa Barbara California

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Rolling into 2019, the New Year will bring major changes in Sacramento. Starting with our new Governor, Gavin Newsom. I’m sure we will learn more about Governor Newsom as time moves forward and we start to identify what he likes and dislikes, regarding regulations and legislation.
One thing we know for sure and something that should have all of us concerned is that he favors many of Senator Hertzberg’s proposals which included the proposed Service Tax. In addition, he’s aligned with Senator Hertzberg on revamping the business tax code with a new “flat business tax” of ten percent for all businesses.

We will have an uphill battle with anything Senator Hertzberg moves forward, as Governor Newsom is already showing he agrees with Senator Hertzberg’s thought processes and will most likely sign the tax bills he authors.

It’s been said that Governor Newsom is a strong proponent of small businesses and not a strong supporter of big business and large organizations that support big business. This would include CalChamber and other large organizations that lobby for big business in Sacramento.

We can already see how things are shaping up, with many bills that we successfully killed, or Vetoed by Governor Brown are highly likely to be back in 2019!  
< MORE >

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CalABC is starting a new program called: Lunch & Learn and the plan is to have guests at our quarterly Board of Directors’ Meetings that start with a lunch and guest speaker to talk to our members and invited guests about things that are important to our members and the automotive repair industry at large.

Nothing could be more critical than starting the year off with our special guest speaker Bureau of Automotive Repair Chief Pat Dorais.

Chief Dorais will review AB 3141, which is the bill we worked vigorously last year to require all automotive service providers to become registered with the BAR. This included oil changers who were once exempted from being required to register with BAR. Their previous non-licensing status was under the concept that they performed maintenance services and not actual repairs. This left consumers with no recourse with the department if they had an issue with their service.

This new regulation ties into many areas of our businesses, from defining minor services, to what are the new requirements for the initial “estimate” as we knew it, to what is now a minimal requirement for a “maintenance” customer. This will tie in nicely to the new “Write it Right” update and the implementation of the new Electronic Documentation and Authorization Regulations. Chief Dorais will cover these topics over the Lunch & Learn for about an hour and fifteen minutes with time for Q&A. 
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Environmental, Health and Safety Update!

 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Coordinator
Sub: OSHA IN THE NEWS: Obama Era Rules Trumped, & Other Reporting Requirements
Date: December 1, 2018

OSHA has issued memoranda to Regional Administrators reversing course on a series of directives issued under the Obama administration. We believe these rules are employer friendly and will have an impact on how employers run their safety program and administer their drug testing policies.

 In May 2016, OSHA published a rule that added new and explicit provisions for employees to report injuries with a reasonable procedure and prohibiting retaliation against employee reporting injuries at the workplace. The memo to Regional Administrators in October of 2016, explained provisions in detail as follows:

1. Employer must have a reasonable procedure to report accidents
2. Employer must not retaliate against employees reporting accidents
3. Limitation on disciplining employees filing injury claims
4. Limitation on drug testing following an accident
5. Limitation on Incentive plans at work to promote safety (especially cash raffles)

 On October 11, 2018, OSHA issued a memo (click HERE for Memo) clarifying their position - they do not prohibit safety incentive programs or post-accident drug testing. Their position in this set of rules is employer friendly and employers may wish to enact policies that until now were suspect or may have been considered a violation of OSHA policies.

 Incentive programs to reward workers for reporting safety hazards and near misses have always been held legal as it encourages employee involvement in safety at the workplace. < MORE >

You think it is costly to train your team, try not training your team and see how much it costs.  Check out this article from our associates over at CCAR.

This insightful article outlines the ruling where OSHA penalizes auto parts distributor $133,000.00 for failing to train employees cited.  

Thanks to Charlie Ayers at CCAR for making this item our SPOTLIGHT for this month.

For the full text of the article < CLICK HERE >

News and Commentary
** Commentary are thoughts and views from the contributor and are not necessarily that of CalABC **
Feet on the Street - Commentary on Shop Life

Date: January 7, 2019
RE: Training from the Trainee's Perspective
In connection with this month's SPOTLIGHT putting together a good training program for your crew is not easy, but it is critical.

Many organizations create training programs that are top down in emphasis and focus.  This is where the higher ups in an organization decide what they need to preach to the crew (emphasis on preach) and develop a training session as if they were sitting around the board room talking to each other.

 could be further from developing an effective successfully implemented training program that your team will take and run with. NOTHING!

  Do I have to repeat that again? IT ALL STARTS WITH THEM!.  You start with what you need to communicate - then you move to how to communicate it in a way your crew will understand and take to heart.  

This is NOT easy - but nothing worth anything ever is.  It's the hard that makes it GREAT.  It's the hard that is your competitive ADVANTAGE.  It's the hard that your customers will APPRECIATE.  It's the hard that will make you, your team and your organization GREAT!  


Over the coming months CalABC will be developing not only "Lunch and Learn" sessions on different industry topics, but we are working on other offerings that you can take back to your organization and put to work right-a-way.

Let us know if you have an interest in participating in these offerings and we will make sure you are included in our up coming announcements. 
Talk to you next month!  In the meantime:  Keep Your Feet Moving - Do Good Work - Take Care of your Customers
Bud Rice
Side B Corporation DBA
Quality Tune Up Shops

New Lunch and Learn January 16th !
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This quarter's Lunch and Learn is sponsored by our friends at Bridgestone Retail Operations.
Our session is hosted by Universal Technical Institute.  Campus President Tess Carey Dubois is offering a campus tour at 11:00am prior to the Lunch and Learn.
If you would like to attend be sure to contact our Executive Director 
Johan Gallo by calling him at 949-433-4513 or email gallojm1@outlook.com

Friday, January 4, 2019

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