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Our vision is to have a positive image in the market place with our consumers, industry and government and create an environment where all stakeholders benefit from our collective efforts.

Monthly Update ALERT! December 2018

President's Message
Date: December 3, 2018 
RE: CalABC President's message
Good Day to Our CalABC Members and Friends,

I would like to reach out and thank all of you for your support of CalABC this past year.  It appears no part California was missed in being hit by some sort of state of disaster in one form or another. The number of lives it has impacted and devastated and far reaching across the state.  My hope for the coming year is that we all learn from these disasters, we stop the blame game and realize some of the over regulation created these situations. Over regulation has taken away common-sense solutions and some of these problems could have been mitigated by working together and finding better outcomes, avoiding countless lawsuits and legal log jams.

On January 17th, 2019 CalABC is going to begin our New Lunch & Learn series in combination with our first Board Meeting of the year.  The meeting will be held in Sacramento at the Universal Technical Institute Campus (UTI).  

We will be hosting Chief Pat Dorais, BAR during the Lunch & Learn portion of the meeting where Chief Dorais will be discussing implementation of AB 3141 and the New Write it Right booklet. Following his presentation and in our general Board meeting, we’ve invited Jaime Ramos and Tim Bowden to discuss their positions at BAR and their processes in handling consumer complaints and managing Field Enforcement. Ramos is responsible for the BAR Field Offices and Enforcement in the Southern half of the state and Bowden is responsible for the Northern half of the state. The passage of AB 3141 coupled with the new Write it Right and the implementation of the New Electronic Documentation and Authorization Regulations has brought some significant changes to BAR regulations beginning on January 1, 2019. < MORE >

Please contact Johan Gallo, our Executive Director if you want more information.  Let's build a stronger Coalition with a powerful voice in Sacramento.

Thank you, Nikki
Nikki Ayers
President CalABC
Owner Ayers Automotive
Santa Barbara California

Legislation and Regulation Updates
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Election Recap:
Democratic Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom was elected the 40th Governor of California, defeating Republican John Cox.  Although a Democrat, Newsom (51 years old) will be different than Gov Jerry Brown, probably more progressive and likely more confrontational with President Donald Trump.  Newsom's agenda includes health care for all, universal preschool, more money for education and job training, tax reform, more spending on roads, public transit and bridges and millions for new housing units. The new Governor will get help from the state legislature. Democrats will control the legislative agenda in Sacramento, again. They captured several Senate seats held by Republicans, giving them 29 seats in the 40 seat Senate. And they won 60 seats in the 80 seat Assembly, giving them a supermajority in both houses.  All statewide offices were captured by Democrats. California became a deeper blue state. 
2019 Legislative Preview:

With the election of a new Governor, we expect some of the bills that died or were previously vetoed to be re-introduced. We also anticipate some new issues being introduced. Below is a legislative summary preview. < MORE >  

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The Bureau of Automotive Repair & The Regulatory Process 101:

The purpose of this Whitepaper is to give our current and future members a better understanding of the Regulatory Process when it comes to creating and revising the Rules and Regulations of the Automotive Repair Act. 

We thought the best way would be to explain the process and site some recent examples that will explain the timelines and processes required to make a “new” regulation.
While business moves lightning fast, bureaucracy does not and as business persons, we cannot give up after a failed first attempt. 

A great example is when the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR), the automotive repair industry members and other stakeholders determined that we needed to update the Disciplinary Guidelines used by the BAR, Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) the Office of the Attorney General and the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) to take disciplinary action against a repair shop found in violation of the Automotive Repair Act’s various Rules and Regulations. This process to revise and update the Disciplinary Guidelines took twelve years, spanning 3 Governors, 4 BAR Chiefs, countless changes in leadership at DCA and OAL for us to finally get the newly revised Disciplinary Guidelines to be enacted. 

The True Cost of a Work Related Injury: This insightful article outlines the sometime unforgotten cost of a missing work mate. It is not just trying to cover the work load, but the lost expertise, productivity flow and the attitude of the others pulling the extra load are also in play. Follow along with author Tony Martin as he lays out all of the areas this important topic touches. Well worth a few minutes to check out!

For the full text of the article < CLICK HERE >

News and Commentary
** Commentary are thoughts and views from the contributor and are not necessarily that of CalABC **
Feet on the Street - Commentary on Shop Life

Date: December 6, 2018
RE: Take a minute to enjoy the season
So often we are so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the work day we don't take the time to enjoy what it is we do. 

It is said that a car is the second most expensive cost someone has after their house.  This not only means there is a financial concern but in many cases there is an emotional tie to their vehicle. For all of us who own cars, it isn't just a hunk of metal, but it represents the freedom to move as we wish and to just pick up and go where we want, when we want.

When a customer brings their car to you - it represents more than we sometimes think.  They trust us with their prize possession.  Often their car has a problem and isn't just a maintenance service and they are trusting us to figure it out and fix it, but to also take care of their baby while we have it.

We need to appreciate this trust and reward them for that by getting their car back to them as quickly as possible.

Make a stressful situation easier for them by acknowledging them when their wheels hit the lot, and answer any of their concerns and have a truthful and honest conversation regarding costs, and time to repair.  Don't promise they will be out in an hour, when you know that is impossible! 

Enjoy the interaction with your customer, and place them at ease, so they feel comfortable that they came to the right place and can relax.

With all the normal stress of the holiday season - make your service center a safe harbor in a stormy and rocky sea.

Finally take a minute during this special time of year to appreciate your customers, your crew and all of your vendors and people you work with.  Just like your family - they are all part of your life experience.  The time we share together will go so quickly and later as we all reflect on our moment in the sun - I hope you have a smile on your face for a job well done!

Heartfelt wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday season and we all here at CalABC look forward to continuing our journey together next year!
Talk to you next month!  In the meantime:  Keep Your Feet Moving - Do Good Work - Take Care of your Customers
Bud Rice
Side B Corporation DBA
Quality Tune Up Shops

Upcoming Events
Jan. 16th , Apr. 17th , Jul. 17th and Oct. 16th

Jan. 17th , Apr. 18th , Jul. 18th and Oct. 17th 
CalABC Board Meetings: Closed Session 12:30am - 1:00pm.  General Session from 1:00pm - 5:30pm. Location at the UTI Sacramento Campus.

2019 BAR Advisory Meetings:  9:30am - 1:00pm / Special Afternoon Session TBA 2:00pm - 4:00pm. Location at the Department of Consumer Affairs HQ1 Hearing Room 102
1625 North Market Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95834

CalABC Membership Information - Join Today!
Visit our website at www.CalABC.org to look at our accomplishments along with other interesting items.  We thank you for your time and hope you will join CalABC and become a member today.  Help us work on key areas for the betterment of our industry, consumers and the agencies who regulate and impact our businesses.  

Please don't hesitate to call me or any of our board members for more information.  You can also find out more by visiting our website at:  www.CalABC.org

Looking forward to your participation,

Johan Gallo
Executive Director, CalABC
P: 949-433-4513
E: gallojm1@outlook.com

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