SPECIAL BULLETIN - Assembly Bill 471 Signed

Release Date 9/28/2021   SPECIAL BULLETIN   CalABC is pleased to announce Governor Newsom signed AB 471 into law today.Bureau of Automotive Repair: administration: citations: safety inspections.   Sacramento CA September 28, 2021 —  California Automotive Business Coalition worked with Assembly Member Low’s staff and introduced ... Read More »

29th Sep 2021
Most Cited & Appealed Cal/OSHA Violations - 2020

Most Cited & Appealed Cal/OSHA Violations - 2020   August 2, 2021 NEWSLETTER   Provided By: Providence Publications   Most Cited & Appealed Cal/OSHA Violations - ... Read More »

2nd Aug 2021
BAR Advisory & Workshop Recap

Yesterday was the third BAR Advisory Meeting and Workshop for  2021 and we had a full agenda. Jack Molodanof has provided us a recap of both the Advisory Meeting and the Workshop held in the afternoon to discuss the Cite & Fine Regulation that’s being proposed. It’s amazing how far we have come working together with BAR versus where ... Read More »

16th Jul 2021
CalOSHA Guidelines - Emergency Temporary Standards

Good morning members,   We have been on top of this important and ever changing topic since Governor Newsom announced that California was going to reopen June 15. The problem was that CalOSHA released new guidelines on June 6th that didn’t align with the Governor’s plans. There was a lot of back and forth with CalOSHA and the Governor’s ... Read More »

18th Jun 2021
BAR Advisory Meeting & Workshop Recap

To: Members From: Johan Gallo Subject: BAR Advisory Meeting & Workshop Recap We had our second Bureau of Automotive Repair Advisory webcasts and workshop webcasts yesterday and the Advisory meeting covered a lot of good information, but everyone was focused on what the afternoon’s Cite & Fine Regulation workshop. Interesting to note ... Read More »

22nd Apr 2021
AB 1003 - Employers could end up in jail for failing to pay wages

CalABC Members- I hope I can get not just some of you but ALL of you to contact our new Assemblyman Steve Bennett and ask him to oppose AB-1003  See the information below and read the attached text of the bill! This link will take you to his contact me page: Contact Me - Assemblymember Steve Bennett (ca.gov) Grassroots are needed for this ... Read More »

6th Mar 2021
California Employment Law Bulletin: Tips to Avoid the Pandemic of COVID-19-Related Employment Lawsuits

Subject: California Employment Law Bulletin: Tips to Avoid the Pandemic of Covid-Related Employment Lawsuits Friends and Colleagues: There have already been hundreds of lawsuits filed in California decrying employers’ pandemic-related practices. So far, the majority of these cases have focused on two theories: (1) perceived failure to provide ... Read More »

3rd Mar 2021
SB 1447-Support-Small Business Tax Credits- Signed by Governor

  Good news!  The Governor signed several bills to help small businesses, including SB 1447 which provides small businesses (fewer than 100 employees) a $1,000 tax credit if they hire or rehire an employee over the next three months.  The bill sets aside $100 million and will be provided to businesses that qualify under first-come, first ... Read More »

10th Sep 2020
Press Release – California Automotive Business Coalition (CalABC)

The California Automotive Business Coalition Board of Directors is pleased to announce some exciting changes within the organization’s Executive Board of Directors that became effective September 1, 2020. Jim Fogelquist is the newly elected President for CalABC who moved up from Vice President and will replace Bud Rice whose term ... Read More »

4th Sep 2020
America's Recovery Fund Clips

Good morning, I wanted to do something slightly different this morning and send you the entire Dashboard. Not that you’re not busy enough, I just found it very telling about what a true Cluster F this is (pardon the word reference, as nothing else could succinctly describe this mess).    They can’t seem to agree on anything from where ... Read More »

3rd Jun 2020