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Feet on the Street - Commentary on Shop Life


Be Present

As I get some miles under my belt, I have learned a thing or two because I have seen a thing or two.


One of the things that have really started to percolate up to the top is “Be Present”. That means that whatever you are currently doing or involved in don’t just go through the motions but be there. That means really be there, be focused and be engaged 100%.


I know – I know the pressures of the day that are happening in real time. You are taking shots from all sides without any letup. It is easy to get distracted, but actually all of the things you are trying to concentrate on suffer when you don’t concentrate on each before moving on to the next.


This doesn’t just apply to our professional lives, but our personal lives too. Having dinner with friends and family only to have you staring at your phone all night doesn’t do anybody justice. The hot spots you are worried about isn’t getting the attention it deserves and to your dinner guests you are simply

missing in action.


No one is happy – especially you, because deep down you already know this. You know it’s not working – you know you are losing ground on both fronts – personal and professional but you haven’t developed a way to ease the pain.
Now I am NOT saying I have the answer to all of this but again I have learned a little bit along the way and am happy to lay this out for your review to see if it might work for you.


1.    Start with Expectations! There are only so many hours in the day and that is true of all of us. You can expand beyond that time constraint by getting help from others. In other words, if they have available bandwidth you may be able to leverage that to expand your day. Here is an example: “Honey I am on my way to the store to get some shaving cream”. She ways – “Hey while you’re there pick up some kale for the salad”. I don’t know what kale is – but I say “OK” and guess what? She has just leveraged her day. She didn’t have to drop what she was doing run to the store and back, saving her at least an hour or more. Wait a minute…. – this story was about me leveraging my day, but I leveraged hers. Well OK, we all help each other along the way but you get my point.

2.    Put everything in a box. This means you put everything you have to do, you have to think about, you have to plan for in its own box. Then with the time comes, you pull if off the mental shelf and work on it. Then when you need to you put it back in its own box and put it back on the mental shelf. Now here is the trick once you grab it from the shelf you concentrate 100% on that and when you put it back you completely forget about it. Put the lid on – done. It will come back when you need it to, and you repeat the process.

3.    Decide what is what! Let’s go back to my dinner story where either you need to bring the workbox down and work on that box, or you put it on the shelf and bring the family box down and work on that. Remember 100% focus – so if you have the family box down you are ONLY focused on that box. If you can’t do that then put that box back and grab another, but ONLY one box at a time.


Being 100% focused and being present is the best gift you can give. Your business will appreciate it and so will your family.


So, the moral of this months “Feet on the Street” story is Be Present.


Until Next Time – Keep your feet moving, do good work, take care of your customers!





Bud Rice


Side B Corporation dba

Quality Tune Up Shops




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